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I get a 5002 error (Unable to establish connection with Arduino. Please ensure that you have selected the correct COM port and that you have flashed the Arduino with the correct firmware.)
Explore how you can use LabVIEW software and the NI USRP platform to rapidly design and prototype software-defined radio systems in both teaching and research environments. To show you some of the possibilities, this presentation includes a reference design example that implements an over-the-air

We asked some of our most loyal LabVIEW users this question in the NI Discussion Forums and were delighted by the abundant answers and LabVIEW stories we received.


One of our favorite posts was from Trusted LabVIEW Enthusiast, johnsold, who is the instrumentation engineer at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The Instrumentation Laboratory is responsible for maintaining all the scientific and laboratory equipment on campus and for designing and customizing instruments and apparatus. His coolest experience with LabVIEW was in 1989 with version 1.2 when his team developed a program for the Miami University Zoology Department to test the hearing of rats and the effect of environmental contamination on fetal development! This involved sending a tone at various frequencies and amplitudes (5 to 40 kHz and 0 to 120 dB SPL) followed by a noise burst at maximum amplitude. The noise burst would trigger a startle reflex if the animal had not heard the warning tone. So, by measuring how much the animal jumped they were able to get an indication of the rat’s hearing ability.


Neuroscientists in the Psychology Department at Miami University are still using a direct descendant of the program (using state machines rather than sequence structures) to stimulate rabbits while monitoring brain waves. Johnsold says they’ve gotten closer to understanding the animals’ learning process thanks to this program.


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EXAMPLE - System Buttons - Vista Theme - Overview This program installs a custom palette of System Button Windows Vista style System buttons. Description Running the attached installer will add a custom palette of buttons to your controls