Archive for July 4th 2011

Community member Karsten has shared a cool way to program the Windows 7 task bar to graphically display the progress of your code running in NI LabVIEW software. As you can see in the images below, this LabVIEW task bar will fill up as your code progresses toward completion. This way, LabVIEW users can multitask on their PCs while still monitoring the progress of their code in the blue ribbon at the bottom of their desktop. Using the .NET assembly and Interop Libraries for the Windows 7 Taskbar, Karsten built a set-up that only exposed the two relevant  functions: SetProgressState for controlling the state of the progress bar and SetProgressValue for updating the progress. Check out the link below for a simple LabVIEW 2009 application programming interface (API) and an example using the .NET assembly to manipulate the Windows 7 task bar.


>> Download the code here: Windows 7 Progress Bar for LabVIEW