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Plain - FAQ: Test Accounts for Standard Mode - What is a test account? Test accounts are free trial accounts on the NI-Managed SOLO Server. You can use this within the LabVIEW Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit Add-on Licensing Tool to

Designated for groups developing medical device test systems (design validation, manufacturing test) or manufacturing automation with NI products, this new training course will teach you how to navigate regulatory requirements and business demands when using LabVIEW software for test and automation in regulatory markets.


Key objectives for this course include:

  • Developing an understanding of the regulatory requirements in this area
  • Exploring best practices for using standards and application life cycle processes
  • Learning the GAMP 5 risk-based approach for developing test applications
  • Examining NI tools and techniques to simplify testing and documentation requirements for your applications


>> Learn more about prerequisites and view the course outline here.

In third-world countries, remote villages without access to the power grid must rely on diesel or petroleum generators for electricity. This means they can warm and light their homes only if they have access to these limited resources. Engineers at Windlift develop portable airborne wind energy (AWE) technology for post-conflict reconstruction, disaster relief, and third-world development. Using the dynamic duo of  NI CompactRIO embedded systems and NI LabVIEW software, Windlift designed a system to provide renewable energy to villages in post-war Afghanistan.


AWE technology uses a flexible airfoil, tethered to a base station, to capture power from the wind. With its tethers spooled onto a large drum, the airfoil is actively flown downwind of the base station. As the airfoil flies away from the ground station, its tethers unspool from the drum and drive it to turn a generator. The electrical power produced by the generator is then transmitted to a battery bank and stored. All of these devices interface with CompactRIO through a controller area network (CAN) bus.



Up, Up, and Away…

Windlift AWE System During First Flight Test


The Windlift team is currently in the final stages of testing the AWE system prototype. Fortunately, thanks to the seamless interface between CompactRIO and LabVIEW, the transition from the current manual system to an automated system will be an easy one, requiring only a simple software update. The AWE system is just another example of how NI products are helping improve life across the globe.


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