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NI PXIe-414x family provides four source measurement unit (SMU) channels with each channel capable of sourcing or sinking power within its I-V operating range. If an application re...
This innovative add-on won LabVIEW Add-On of the Year at NIWeek and lets you connect MySQL databases from LabVIEW:

Community: SmartSQLVIEW for MySQL datasheet
EXAMPLE - SmartSQLVIEW for MySQL datasheet - SmartSQLVIEW for MySQL toolkit is an add-on to NI LabVIEW that add capabilities to connect MySQL databases from any LabVIEW program.SmartSQLVIEW for MySQL is compatible with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.

One of the common misconceptions associated with blindness is that it refers to one’s complete inability to see. However, a “blind” person may have some degree of residual vision or be able to detect changes in contrast. And just as there are scientists out there working to develop limb prosthetics, there are also some working on visual prosthetics, which are electronic aids that support sight for visually impaired people.


Scientists at the University of Oxford’s Department of Clinical Neurosciences built a prototype for a pair of glasses that uses the individual's ability to sense changes in contrast. They acquire video feeds from head-mounted cameras, and process the image data to detect nearby objects of interest such as people, sign posts, or obstacles to navigate. The detected objects are simplified and displayed back to the user via banks of LEDs attached to the head-mounted display.




The goal is to incorporate this technology into a pair of electronic glasses. They already have a name for them: Smart Specs. These glasses will give visually impaired individuals more independence by helping them identify nearby objects and navigate their surroundings. When put into production, Smart Specs will cost about the same as modern smartphones, a much less expensive option than having to train a guide dog.



The team developed the simulation software using LabVIEW and the NI Vision Development Module because it provided ready-to-run vision analysis functions and drivers for acquiring, displaying, and logging images from a multitude of camera types. They also used the NI USB-8451 interface to acquire data from a gyroscope and control the LEDs, thereby minimizing hardware requirements.

>> Check out the full case study to read more about this application and watch the video.

EXAMPLE - Basic Frame-Based Animation in LabVIEW - Overview Basic 2D Animation in LabVIEW Description I've created a few VIs which can be used to read image data and sequence them together to output an animation via the 2D picture control. It'
This wireless system, powered by LabVIEW, monitors and logs data to detect, display, and diagnose health conditions:

Using LabVIEW and DAQ to Develop a Wireless Diagnostic Tool for Heartbeat Monitoring - Solutions - N
Developing an interactive, wireless system that monitors and logs data to detect, display, and diagnose health conditions.
Here’s a cool app: engineers used LabVIEW to develop a vision system that can detect early systems of driver fatigue

Community: Sweet Apps: Keep Your Eyes on the Road With LabVIEW
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In today’s fast-paced technological environment, product training and expertise are vital to both an individual’s and organization’s success. Skills developed through training help you make sure that applications are coded correctly the first time, leading to shorter development times and reduced project failure risk.


The NI Training and Certification Membership Program ensures maximum skill development at the best value by offering you unlimited access to NI courses and certification exams for one or two years at one low price. If you require only a limited number of courses in a shorter period of time, a six-month membership is also available. If you purchase a membership within 90 days of taking a course, you may deduct the price of that course from the membership purchase price.


>> Read about the different membership options and pricing.

With the addition of the NI PXIe-6556, NI PXIe-4140 and NI PXIe-4141 instrumentation to the NI PXI platform, engineers working in semiconductor characterization and production test can now significantly reduce their costs and increase efficiency in their projects.


The NI PXIe-6556 high-speed digital I/O with PPMU helps engineers to generate and acquire a digital waveform at up to 200 MHz, perform DC parametric measurements with one percent accuracy on the same pin and nearly eliminate timing skew due to the built-in timing calibration feature. It also provides the option to switch in another NI source measure unit (SMU) for higher precision.


The new NI PXIe-4140/41 SMU modules provide four SMU channels per PXI Express, with sampling rates of up to 600,000 samples per second, which can drastically reduce measurement times. The NI PXIe-4141 SMU features next-generation SourceAdapt technology, so unlike traditional SMU technologies, engineers can custom tune the SMU output response to any given load.


Combined with LabVIEW, the new PPMU and SMU modules add to the modular software-defined  approach to semiconductor test by increasing quality, reducing cost and  decreasing the time of test across validation, characterization and  production.


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