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Last month we shared a blog post about one LabVIEW enthisiast who used LabVIEW to test the hearing of rats. If you thought that was neat, read on to learn about another user who responded to the Discussion Forum post and told us about a digital jukebox that he progrmmed with LabVIEW Run-Time Module 7.1.


Hobbyist and industrial engineer Mauricio Vidal Astudillo was first introduced to LabVIEW about 10 years by a friend who used LabVIEW in school. Mauricio said his friend just gave him a few instructions and he was able to start programming in LabVIEW pretty quickly. The idea for the digital jukebox came up when another music-loving friend needed a way to store and play all of his music. Mauricio built a LabVIEW application running over a Windows computer to build the jukebox. He developed a small circuit to implement a remote control and four button inputs on the machine. He eventually added a third-party coin slot that could precisely detect the coins.


He developed the user interface on Macromedia Flash and integrated a MS-Access database to store the MP3 and video files and record the events of the machine, like the music selection, the available music charts, and the coins received.


Mauricio and his friend built the wood enclosure and all the other hardware elements. They had the jukebox up and running in just over a year.


What a neat-looking jukebox:




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