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Engine Simulation Custom Device Feedback



Today we introduced eight new relay cards that expand the NI SwitchBlock line of high-density switching solutions for PXI systems. The NI SwitchBlock cards were designed specifically for demanding automated test systems with large numbers of channels to provide an intuitive option for switch configuration, routing, programming and maintenance in a variety of test applications.


The set of new relay cards offers additional simultaneous connections and new differential measurement capabilities to create a custom matrix of relays that meets engineers’ specific requirements. All cards integrate with LabVIEW and NI Switch Executive switch management software to give engineers the ability to graphically configure their switch systems. They also include the new NI Switch Health Center software, which increases long-term system reliability by automatically running onboard diagnostics. NI SwitchBlock includes an expandable carrier that accommodates up to six relay cards while occupying just four slots in a PXI chassis. This gives engineers the ability to combine up to four NI SwitchBlock carriers to create internally routed matrices with as many as 8,832 crosspoints with a single PXI chassis.


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In an effort to build smarter machines and manufacturing equipment, OEM machine builders improve their control architectures with embedded systems that help them implement advanced control and monitoring tasks. This webcast provides insight into the challenges machine builders face today and
Ever wondered what you?d weigh on another planet? This LabVIEW VI will tell you
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Plain - NI VeriStand Add-on: NI-Switch Relay Custom Device - NI VeriStand Add-on: NI-Switch Relay Custom Device NI VeriStand Add-on: NI-Switch Relay Custom DeviceOverviewInstructions for UseInstalling the NI-Switch Relay Add-onAdd-on Requirements to Run t

If you find yourself wondering where the sun is positioned at 30.17’ N and 97.44’ W today (Austin, Texas), there is code to ease your curiosity. When you input the latitude and longitude of a specific location, a returned URL will give you the exact sun position and shadowing for that day. If you weren’t curious before, you probably are now.




>> Get the code to start your sun searching here.

For the everyday traveler, the intricate workings of an aircraft may be hard to understand, but what you probably want to know above all is that you’re in a safe mode of transportation.


At EMBRAER, safety comes from testing at every stage during the creation of a plane. The Legacy 500 Iron Bird has over 50 embedded computer systems that must work together seamlessly before a test flight even leaves the ground. Because the testing cannot be accomplished in flight, system engineers at EMBRAER’s ground facility use NI VeriStand and 21 NI PXI systems to fully test the system integration of the plane’s computer systems. They create a simulation of the entire plane and test each system in real time.


When combined with LabVIEW software, EMBRAER engineers have greater functionality for system automation and validation. Using NI tools, EMBRAER reduced the development and testing process of the Legacy 500 Iron Bird by one year.


To learn more, watch the video below.




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Throughout different industry sectors, the manufacturing departments are pressured to boost throughput and lower costs while increasing the quality of goods. This ultimately requires better and more efficient machines, and a key task for the machine industry is to provide detailed information about