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Is your UI a mess? Check out this LabVIEW example for manipulating front panel objects

Community: UI Interest Group: Cool Tools for controlling the Front Panel (UI) Objects

Street lamps have always lit our way through the night, and now they are lighting the way to a greener planet and a brighter future.  Scientists at Mir Energy Solutions developed a gateway that can remotely dim and shut  off street lamps based on the time of day and local events while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.



Mir Energy Solutions used NI LabVIEW Real-Time system design software to develop programming for the system, and the NI sbRIO 9601 to control and communicate to the lamps.  This gateway system of communication reduces energy costs of the street lamps by 25 percent and maintenance costs by 40 percent and protects them from voltage fluctuation. 



The engineers at Mir Energy Solutions were able to control about 200 street lamps through RF network and gather performance and cost savings data in graphical visualization form.  This wireless monitoring and control system can even track failures and provide different reporting options back to the controller by combining a geographical information system with the web-based application.




>> Read the full case study

This front panel template tool can be integrated into LabVIEW to allow you to select a VI in memory or browse to a VI on disk.  You can also use this tool to change a VI’s front panel indicator and controls.




>> Grab the code here.

More on the iPad front: check out the free LabVIEW data dashboard app, which you can use to create a custom, portable tablet view of your LabVIEW applications by displaying the values of network-published shared variables and web services on charts, gauges, text indicators, and LEDs.

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iPad users: If you’re just getting started with LabVIEW, be sure to check out our LabVIEW intro app:

Community: NI News in Real Time: Introducing the LabVIEW Intro iPad App for Beginners

This example shows how understanding LabVIEW functions can reduce your frustrations when adapting text-based code to LabVIEW.




>> Want to see how? Check it out!

While most people take cover when a tornado strikes, meteorological scientists from TWISTEX chase after them to capture ground-level data to help researchers better understand and predict atmospheric conditions.  So when it came time for TWISTEX to develop a sturdy, stand-alone instrument that could collect, store, and visualize large data sets, they turned to NI products and LabVIEW to help them out.




The TWISTEX team used NI CompactDAQ hardware, LabVIEW, NI DIAdem, and an NI 3110 industrial controller to obtain, process, and display the sound, temperature, air pressure, wind speed, and direction from the bottom 2 m of the tornado. Using NI products, TWISTEX created an instrument that can measure audio from inside a tornado funnel, a first for meteorological scientists everywhere.






>> Watch Tim Samaras from TWISTEX talk about his passion for chasing tornados.

Have questions about LabVIEW development? We created an FAQ just for you:

Frequently Asked Questions About LabVIEW Development - Developer Zone - National Instruments
Visit the Large LabVIEW Application Development Portal for more information and resources, including software engineering best practices and example customer applications.
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In the current actor framework, there is "Send Queue" and "Receive Queue", which both wrap "Message Priority Queue", and a "Message Queue Pair" class that wraps all three of them. All these classes are children of LVObject.