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T-minus 8 days left to expand your coding footprint. Submit your code and vote in the 2011 LabVIEW Coding Challenge.

Community: Group: LabVIEW Code Challenge Winter 2011-2012
This document shows how to build a digital downconverter for the NI 5734 adapter module for NI FlexRIO. The downconverter decimates the incoming data by a factor of 4, from 120 MS/...
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Start off the new year with several resources for learning how to design and implement efficient and extensible LabVIEW applications that provide web services for networked clients.


>> Access documentation, presentations, and example programs for LabVIEW Web Services here

The Actor Framework is a software library that supports the writing of applications in which multiple VIs run independently while communicating with each other. Senior Software Engineer for LabVIEW R&D Stephen Mercer and Senior Systems Engineer Allen Smith introduce the object-oriented architecture called the Actor Framework, describe it's best use cases, and show demos of it running in an application.


>> Check out the free webcast