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Congratulations to our LabVIEW coding challenge winners, MattW and Thoric!

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The following tables list the environmental specifications for the cRIO Platform. More detailed specifications for each product can be found in the respective user manuals.



NASA and Lockheed Martin engineers needed three test systems for performing structural tests on their Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle, and they needed the systems in six months. G Systems, a leading integrator of test and measurement automation solutions, used off-the-shelf NI hardware and software to develop all three systems within the short delivery timeframe.


The three test systems developed by G Systems for the NASA spacecraft include:


  • Pressurization and vent system for automated control of the pressure within the vehicle based on NI CompactRIO hardware and LabVIEW Real-Time software.

  • Data acquisition system to synchronize over 1,800 channels of analog data for real-time collection of structural data as well as real-time calculation of virtual channels and analysis of limits and alarms. This system was powered by a high-performance, multicore NI real-time controller connected to SCXI and PXI DAQ equipment.


  • Data distribution system for real-time and post-test distribution of synchronized parametric, video, and audio data to test controllers and data clients. Engineers developed this system to provide a rich user experience with configurable GUIs developed in LabVIEW while interfacing to multiple networked resources.


These three structural test systems illustrate the power of using NI’s graphical system design approach of integrating hardware and software to rapidly develop advanced test and measurement applications.


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