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Check out a bipedal robot made at A&M using Labview:

Robustness Tests on the Bipedal Robot AMBER
Video of robustness tests on the bipedal robot AMBER, where the robot was pushed until it finally breaks. It is able to handle a wide variety of disturbances...

To mimic program logic control codes in LabVIEW, you can use multiple while loops so the function can update in real time and update based on logic in that moment.  This code can be tailored for any use you may need.





>>  Download the code here.

In the past, coaches and players on the Malaysia national badminton team analyzed players and opponents based on a video system.  This system required an individual to manually code player motions and shots played from previously recorded matches. While this system improves the individual player and the team, it is time consuming for the individual doing the coding. When professors at Monash University were approached to develop a new system, they knew that NI tools could help them create the most efficient system possible.




Using a camera to record the badminton matches, NI Vision Assistant, and NI LabVIEW software, the researchers created a system that can track the foot of the player and analyze his or her number of rallies, motion density, and motion trajectory.  Current coaching software requires approximately half a day to manually process a one-hour video file, but this system requires only 10 to 15 minutes for processing the same video file. Now the Malaysia national badminton team can improve performance in days rather than weeks.





>> Check out the case study here. 

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EXAMPLE - Algoritmo di Bellman-Ford - Noto algoritmo di instradamento che data una routing table genera i cammini ottimi che uniscono un nodo sorgente a tutti gli altri nodi. La routing table è così definita: ...
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PWM Motor Control Problems
Proteus Biomedical and JKI have come together using LabVIEW to create a smart pill to manage your health. Check it out here.

Community: Sweet Apps: Digestible “Smart Pills” Make for Smarter Health Management
Plain - Multitone Signal Generator - Name Multitone Sine Included LabVIEW Custom Instrument, Test Circuit Compatibility Multisim 11.x, Multisim 12.x Description The multi-tone signal generator facilitates

We know that remote controlled robots are being developed and played with every day, but when it comes to what these robots can do, sometimes we’re limited. Thanks to students and researchers at Temasek Polytechnic, creating a robot that is capable of surveillance, motion, and awareness of its surroundings proves there are no more limitations.



They used NI PXI hardware to control and operate the webcam, sensors, and motors essential for surveillance, and LabVIEW software to show the webcam image to the controller. Using this technology, users can remotely control the robot with a PC and the controller can detect where the robot is going using sensors. 



“Can” photo by Mo Riza



>> Read the full case study.