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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a new Sweet App because “We LabVIEW very much”

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We recently named nine new LabVIEW Champions from around the world. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Each year we share this chocolate and flower filled day with the ones we love, and this year students at Monash University in Malaysia have made it easier for you to say, "I love you" using sign language.


With LabVIEW and the NI Vision Development Module, students improved a sign language translator based on work done by former Monash students.  Students previously used MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB® software, but this ultimately led to delayed translation, image processing, and recognition.  By switching to LabVIEW, they experienced little lag time between the sign language and the translation because of the software’s ability to perform parallel processing.  This allows for almost instantaneous recognition from finger and hand movements to translation.  This new and improved sign language translator can translate Malaysian sign language in real-time with 80 percent accuracy. 






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Here’s a file path to filter out unnecessary data, allowing you to automatically update the file path so your VI will only save data that meets your special criteria.








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