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Having trouble with LabVIEW MathScript in Real-Time applications? Look to the LabVIEW Help for the answer!

Guidelines for Using LabVIEW MathScript in Real-Time Applications (MathScript RT Module) - LabVIEW 2
You can deploy VIs that contain LabVIEW MathScript Nodes with user-defined functions and certain built-in MathScript functions to RT targets. However, depending on the functions, data types, and syntax you use, LabVIEW might execute code at run time that can cause increased jitter and unbounded exec...

The game of chess is complex and requires intense strategy, and developing a robot that can play the game requires the same. So when students at IUT1 de Grenoble decided to create a chess-playing robot to compete in the French Cup of Robotics 2011 Chess’up! Competition, they turned to NI LabVIEW for help.





By using LabVIEW to design and program software, the students were able to create easy communication between the robot’s NI sbRIO-9632 module “brain” and its movements. The students were able to operate complex platforms simply and quickly because of the uncomplicated approach to programming that LabVIEW provides.


The chess-playing robot took 41st place in the competition, a very encouraging success for students that received their BAC two to three years prior and were competing for the first time. The robot ranked higher than many engineering schools, and the results were the best IUT1 Grenoble has seen in its eight years in the competition.