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National Instruments provides a variety of flexible, cost-effective switch modules. The following table provides an overview of the NI matrix, multiplexer, general purpose, RF swit...
Cobalt Light Systems is using LabVIEW to create the INSIGHT100 which may allow you to take liquids on planes again:

Take Any Bottle Onto an Aircraft Thanks to Cobalt Light Systems and LabVIEW - Solutions - National I...
Facilitating non-invasive detection of explosive materials to support the relaxation of the liquids ban on commercial aircrafts, whilst maintaining public security.
Plain - Elenco myGrid Evaluation Kit for NI myDAQ - Overview of myGrid The myGrid for NI myDAQ is an AC power grid allowing a student to investigate the components of a power grid. The myGrid interfaces with NI myDAQ to demonstrate energy monitoring, ener
Currently, each launch of an actor causes a strictly-typed reference to "" to be opened, using options 0x80 (Fire and forget) and 0x40 (simultaneous calls), and later closed again.
Congrats to our friends at National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA and SpaceX. Look at all the LabVIEW panels!

Wall Photos
Earlier this week SpaceX and NASA successfully completed the last joint simulation before the upcoming mission.

Most plastics come from petroleum polymers that don’t decompose after time and fill up landfills all around the world. Thankfully, researchers at the University of North Texas have created biodegradable plastics that can replace their petroleum-based counterparts. These plastics are derived from natural polymers, such as cellulose and corn starch, that easily decompose in compost. The University of North Texas is continuing research about biodegradable plastics to develop a plastic that can fulfill the consumer’s initial needs, but degrade quickly once thrown away.





By using NI LabVIEW and NI CompactDAQ, researchers built a reliable automated system that monitors and enhances biodegradation, as well as meets ASTM D5338-98 (2003) standard requirements. "We knew from the outset that our system needed to be controlled using the LabVIEW graphical programming environment because of its flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities,” said Mark Pickens, researcher with the University of North Texas. “Given the fact that we were building a complex system with many sensors, NI CompactDAQ proved to be invaluable and versatile in realizing our objectives."




>> Check out these “green” street lamps designed with LabVIEW.


Learn about shared variable input and output by checking out the LabVIEW Help

Managing IO with Shared Variables (DSC Module) - LabVIEW 2011 Datalogging and Supervisory Control Mo...
You can use shared variables to represent a real-world input/output point. With the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module, you can configure how LabVIEW scales shared variable data, logs shared variable data to a historical database, and sets alarm levels and priorities for shared…
Video: Using LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO hardware, a wireless sensor system collects measurements from the Costa Rican rain forest

Video Case Study: Researchers Use NI LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO to Perform Environmental Monitoring i...
Using NI LabVIEW software and NI CompactRIO hardware, researchers developed a wireless sensor system that collects a variety of environmental measurements from the Costa Rican Rainforest.
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