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Plain - 6x6 MIMO-OFDM System with NI USRP and LabVIEW Communications - 6x6 MIMO-OFDM System with NI USRP RIO The 6x6 MIMO-OFDM system has been implemented with NI USRP RIO hardware in both LabVIEW 2015 ...
Software sessions you don't want to miss during NIWeek 2012:

Community: NIWeek 2012: Can't Miss Software Sessions at NIWeek 2012
Get the latest information on NIWeek 2012, the worldwide graphical system design conference and exhibition. NIWeek 2012 will be held August 6-9 in Austin, TX.
Plain - Changing a Controls EVENT_COMMIT actions in CVI - In the previous life-job I was doing a lot of BER test, If familiar with this type of test, the test time can be extended. In a test of collecting 1.0e12 bits at the data rate of 6.25Gb/s and stepp