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127,852 feet at 843 miles per hour...that's fearless. A year ago Felix Baumgartner leaped from the stratosphere, inspiring the world below.

How did #LabVIEW help?

I'm working in a project with arduino mega and labview, I need to use it like a acquisition card, but I need a minimun sample rate of 10Khz, when I tried to overcome 5Khz, the signal in scope was distorted (example continuous sample -LIFA). Is possible have a sample rate of 10Khz with arduino?
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Learn how LabVIEW can help you reduce test system development time as well as ways to control an instrument, analyze your results, and automate your test system with easy-to-use graphical programming.
In this age of free, open-source, and commercially backed no-cost software, it may seem silly to actually purchase a software package. However, good managers understand the bigger ...
Plain - Display multiple plots on one graph with failures - Description: This example shows how to use the bundle function to display more than one plot on a single waveform chart with the added functionality of displaying the graph failures in a differe
If you thought building offshore wind turbines was easy, think again. The construction of these wind farms requires driving large monopiles into the seabed. How large? Up to 700 tons in weight, 75 meters long, and 7 meters in diameter.
EXAMPLE - Is Windows 64-Bit? - Overview This VI is to programatically check the bit type of windows that is currently being run. If the operating system is 64-bit, the VI will return TRUE. Description This VI makes use of registry fu
Learn how LabVIEW can help you design, prototype, and deploy your next embedded system.
View a short introduction to the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment and learn how LabVIEW makes instrument control faster and easier.