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I'm going to use 4 DC controller and 2 Servo controller this year, and i just tested the system today. those DC motors works pretty good, but the servos works in a very strange way.
A few years ago, I found a PDF documenting the PID toolkit included in the FRC distribution of LabVIEW. When I look at the current version, I couldn't find the PID pdf. Has all of that information been migrated to the online help, or was the PDF just not installed?

Laparoscopic surgeries use small incisions and video equipment to perform operations without the cutting and trauma typically associated with surgery. This method reduces damage to healthy tissue, which is great, but also means that surgeons can’t physically feel the area they’re operating on. 

The Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology created a tactile display system to give doctors their sense of touch back. Using NI LabVIEW software, NI PXI-6259, and springs, researchers reproduced the stiffness and shapes of real objects and created a control system to analyze and display the tactile readings.lvnoctcasestudy.jpg

The tactile system uses two shape memory alloy (SMA) springs to mimic objects with varying shapes and stiffness. Then the pins in a 5x5 matrix detect the displacement and stiffness of the springs as variables.

The control system uses LabVIEW to gather data every 50ms, so the team used the PXI-6259 DAQ device to handle the huge amount of data moving back and forth. An Arduino kit and power source amplified the control output in order to create the high current required to move the SMA springs.


This groundbreaking solution addresses one of the challenges of laparoscopic surgery and could be used in mobile applications or virtual reality environments as well as surgical operations.

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Problem with connecting arduino and LabVIEW
Hello, i have a problem connectnig arduino with LabVIEW, I hve donwloaded and succenfully installed the toolkit but when I run an example nothing happens, the leds that indicate that the connection is working are on and also is the one that indicates the board is on.