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Could a handful of engineering students change competitive sports?

Combining Science, Engineering, and Athletes
When we think sports, we're typically thinking roaring crowds, adrenaline-fueled athletes, victory, and defeat. We're not thinking pixels, bits, bytes, and staggering amounts of data. But we should be.
Basically I find myself sometime just creating one message with only one do method for all my actions that an actor should do. Just like the old way with commad and data clusters i just handle what the actor is supposed to do in case structure in one message.
Consider designing an RTActor, derived from an Actor, that would spin up a Timed Loop responsible for the RT work (the Actor core loop is handling messages, so doesn't need to be RT).
Tutorial - [2015] FRC LabVIEW Quick Start Guide - The FRC LabVIEW Quick Start guide is designed to give you a quick overview of everything you need to know to set and program your robot using LabVIEW.  ...