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If you use FPGAs, you already know how efficient they make your work. Our advanced guide will take it to a whole new level:

The FPGA Developer's Guide: Now Live!
FPGAs provide the performance and reliability of custom hardware like ASICs, without their long and expensive design cycles. NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) devices let you harness the power and convenience of FPGAs in your applications.
EXAMPLE - DNP3 Simplified Examples - Overview   The NI DNP3 drivers shipping examples are useful for application references or even as stand-alone programs. However, for a user just getting started with the DNP3 protocol and the NI Driver it can be a
Plain - Splash screen dialog library - Description   Splash screen dialog library for implementing splash screen to your project. All you have to do, is to insert from the library at the begging of while loop in your main project VI an
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