Featured LabVIEW Case Study: Robotic Arm for Nuclear Decommissioning

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nuclear power plants are one of the world’s major sources of energy. In 2012, 12.3% of total electricity came from nuclear power plants. However, these plants can also be incredibly hazardous. Nuclear decommissioning, the process of dismantling defunct nuclear facilities, is dangerous due to high radiation and other factors such as heat, humidity, and caustic fumes.


One solution is to use remote handling techniques, such as operating a robotic manipulator. However, many robotic manipulators can’t handle nuclear decommissioning tasks because of the design of the devices. Using NI LabVIEW system design software and NI CompactRIO hardware, James Fisher Nuclear Ltd (JFN) developed a safe, modular arm that operates with maximum dexterity to navigate in harsh environments.



With the help of LabVIEW, JFN created a valuable tool that can solve many nuclear decommissioning challenges around the world. The robotic arm is safe, reliable, and versatile. Most importantly, it minimizes the risks for human operators working in a harsh environment.


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