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Plain - On Parking and Computer Vision - Contact Information: University: University of Florida Team Members: Jonathan Cruz (2017), Alexander Lilley (2017), Stephan Strassle (2017), Jayson Salkey (2017) Faculty Advisers: Dr. Daniel Dickrell Email Addre
It seems like LabVIEW users like Flappy Bird. Well fear not - there is a LabVIEW clone! Post your high score in the comments:

Flappy Bird Clone
A simple and easy to score flappy bird clone programmed in LabVIEW. Used XY graph as a canvas for the game play. Sorry for almost zero comments on code as I'm short of time right now. Will soon cleanup and update the code with comments. H-speed controls the speed with which the canvas scrolls horizontally.
Setting Tones to stop after a certain time
how to show digital Read output in LIFA arduino
Using the "Acquire Input Data" is stopping Value Change Events in an XControl