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EXAMPLE - Humidifier Build Up - Turns on until upper limit is reached - Overview This VI generates a random value for the humidity within a given range.  The humidifier is then programmed to turn on at a Lower Limit.  The humidifer will then st
Chess just got high tech:

Monster Chess - from The Robotics Posse
ChessBot software · Controls game to Fédération Internationale des Éches (FIDE) rules · Either color can be human or computer · Interacts with various third party chess engines using Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN) format · Currently optimized to work with "Crafty" chess engine · Save and restore board layout to/from
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Hola ! Les damos la bienvenida a nuestro Grupo de Usuarios de LabVIEW, lugar en donde organizaremos reuniones periódicas para compartir nuestras experiencias con LabVIEW, casos de éxitos, consejos, ideas, proyectos, entre otros. Además, en este sitio podr
Initialization and COM port set problem
text recognition