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Plain - LabVIEW Pint Glass in Action - Andrew Zenk has been making good use of his LabVIEW pint glass!

Based on customer requests, NI has created a new GitHub repository to community source G libraries. Now, engineers and scientists can customize NI source code and share those customizations with each other. NI can then integrate some of those customizations into its core products to benefit the entire LabVIEW community.


We are beginning with three libraries:

  1. The Actor Framework, a library in vi.lib since LabVIEW 2012
  2. The NI-GOOP Development Suite, a free toolkit add-on for improving LabVIEW class development
  3. The AQ Character Lineator, a library not yet in vi.lib to support serialization/deserialization of LabVIEW classes


Each of these libraries has to be handled slightly differently in terms of cross-linking, development process, creating fork distributions, and so on. Therefore, they make a good starting point for the experiment.


If this experience working with the community proves fruitful, we may expand the number of APIs. So go submit your code today!


>> Visit the community to learn how to sign up.


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