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Plain - Getting Started: Git/GitHub Development Workflow - Overview A detailed 3rd-party view of this workflow can be found here:!workflow-forking   Git can be a somewhat complicated tool to develop with. Whi
Plain - Git and GitHub setup - Getting Started with Git Install Git from These instructions may come in handy:   Once you've installed git, get acquainted with some of the concepts
Plain - Other Collaboration Efforts - NI R&D Community Source Efforts NI R&D has decided to place some of its G code on GitHub. For more details, visit the Community Source of NI Code group.   LAVA A few ...
Plain - Template: Project Request for Comments - Goal What should be accomplished by the project?   Background Why should this project exist? What need or needs does this fill? What experience justifies the need for this project?   Overview Hig
Mind readings...with LabVIEW?!
Tech Specs:

EEG with LabVIEW & Mindwave Mobile

Using the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile, RN-41 and LabVIEW to acquire braiwave data and make later calculations.
Plain - USB Devices tested on NI Linux RT (myRIO/cRIO-9068) - This document exists to help users make decisions as to which usb devices to purchase to extend their NI Linux RT hardware. This list should be updated by the community and refreshed as kernel
GPIC Reference Design - analysis of Simultaneous AI loop
Analog read pin error 55
Plain - 20. LabVIEW UGM Villach: 2014-07 Agenda (1. Webservices, 2. myRIO, 3. Data Dashboard) - Wir laden Sie sehr gerne zur Jubiläumsausgabe, dem 20. LabVIEW UGM in Villach ein. Wann:      Dienstag 15. Juli um 18 Uhr Wo:
Plain - 27.LabVIEW UGM Graz: 2014-07 Agenda (1.Webservices, 2. myRIO, 3. Data Dashboard) - Wir laden Sie sehr gerne zum 27. LabVIEW UGM in Graz ein.   Wann:      Mittwoch 2. Juli um 18 Uhr Wo:     &#