Featured LabVIEW Case Study: Hybrid Power Buses Drive a 40% Fuel Savings

Friday, September 26, 2014

We may be nearing the end of the line for diesel buses in the United Kingdom as hybrid powertrains take the road. Vantage Power, a company specializing in electric and hybrid systems for buses and heavy-duty vehicles, has developed a hybrid powertrain that cuts fuel use by 40 percent. This makes it the most energy-efficient hybrid bus on UK roads.






Vantage Power made CompactRIO the core of the hybrid vehicle control system. CompactRIO controlled each power delivery component and analyzed and logged large sets of acquired data. Vantage Power also used LabVIEW to implement an advanced Kalman filter algorithm, which provided crucial onboard estimation functions for battery charge state, health, and thermal management.


The hybrid bus has passed all required tests and is currently beginning trials in a public service fleet in the UK. This hybrid bus is driving change on the road and turning our lines green.


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