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When it comes to flying, what we want most is to relax and get to our destination safely. So we take off our shoes, take off the metal jewelry, take off the belt, and place all items on the conveyor belt to go through security. And don’t forget that you spent a good amount of time deciding and measuring which liquids to pack based on importance…fresh breath or smell fresh? Thanks to researchers at Cobalt Light Systems, we may not have to choose any more.





Researchers at Cobalt Light Systems developed the INSIGHT100 device, powered by NI LabVIEW, to non-invasively detect explosive materials while maintaining public security. The INSIGHT100 automates data acquisition and applies in-line signal processing to detect explosives in liquids, aerosols, and gels. And it doesn’t matter what size the container is, the device can figure out if the substance is explosive even if it’s in an opaque plastic or colored glass container.






“LabVIEW enabled our small development team to efficiently develop, rigorously test, and seamlessly deploy a versatile, but maintainable solution within extremely tight deadlines,” said David Crawford of Cobalt Light Systems. “[That’s] something that we could not have achieved using other development platforms.” Once again LabVIEW reduces costs and efforts by making a daunting task a little bit easier.




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For the everyday traveler, the intricate workings of an aircraft may be hard to understand, but what you probably want to know above all is that you’re in a safe mode of transportation.


At EMBRAER, safety comes from testing at every stage during the creation of a plane. The Legacy 500 Iron Bird has over 50 embedded computer systems that must work together seamlessly before a test flight even leaves the ground. Because the testing cannot be accomplished in flight, system engineers at EMBRAER’s ground facility use NI VeriStand and 21 NI PXI systems to fully test the system integration of the plane’s computer systems. They create a simulation of the entire plane and test each system in real time.


When combined with LabVIEW software, EMBRAER engineers have greater functionality for system automation and validation. Using NI tools, EMBRAER reduced the development and testing process of the Legacy 500 Iron Bird by one year.


To learn more, watch the video below.




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Community member tjellden created an example program to show off the 3D Picture Control capabilities in LabVIEW. If you run the VI, then you can pull back on the joystick with your mouse and the graphic will update with the aircraft's movement. Needless to say I spent 15 minutes playing with the VI to make the plane do barrel rolls and then I dove into the code to figure out how it was done. I highly suggest checking this Flight Simulator In LabVIEW example out if you are interested in more advanced graphics in LabVIEW.