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Each year at NIWeek, NI releases a variety of new products to help customers tackle the world’s biggest engineering challenges. But what about the exciting products released by our ecosystem of Alliance Partners? Here are four new software add-ons available on the LabVIEW Tools Network that we’d like to share.


LabSocket System by Bergmans Mechatronics LLC

The Bergmans Mechatronics LabSocket System enables remote access to LabVIEW applications from desktop or mobile web browsers without the need for browser plugins or a client-side run-time engine. The system works with many common front panel elements, including waveform charts and graphs, XY graphs, multicolumn listboxes, and tabs.


GTT LTE RBS Toolkit by Gefle Testteknik AB

The GTT LTE RBS Toolkit features LabVIEW VIs that you can use as a complete set of measurements to verify performance and test all sizes of radio base stations. It includes soft front panels that make lab measurements quick and easy to execute. High-level APIs help you get custom sequences up and running quickly.


LocalGrid Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) by LocalGrid Technologies

The LocalGrid PQA delivers advanced real-time and historical power analytics to meet your energy management solution needs. Power quality measurements include flicker, energy, power, unbalance, power factor, and THD up to the 40th harmonic. You can configure the LocalGrid PQA to detect the power quality of related events including sags, swells, interruptions, and rapid voltage changes.  



XLR8 is a LabVIEW toolkit that you can use to conduct binary reading, editing, formatting, and writing operations on files stored in the Microsoft Excel file format “*.xls.” Its format compatibility can save you hundreds of dollars when generating reports or reading parameter tables since XLR8 does not require an Excel or other spreadsheet software license or other toolkits for generating reports. Also, the distribution of applications built with XLR8 is free.


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Many areas of Africa lack affordable, reliable motorized transport. In these areas, pedestrians often carry commercial and domestic goods, such as water, firewood, and crops, on their heads. This practice, known as head-loading, is an exhausting task predominantly performed by women and children.






Of the estimated 750 million women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa, the majority will carry heavy loads (more than 40 kg/88 lb for adult females) on their heads. Thus, head-loading represents a huge potential public health issue in Africa. Despite this, the long-term impacts on maternal health, quality of life, labor productivity, and life expectancy have largely gone unrecognized and unstudied. Until now!


NI Alliance Partner Key Engineering Solutions Ltd partnered with engineers and product design students from the University of Leeds to develop a wearable measurement device for a head-loading study. The resulting device, the intelligent load orientation assessment device (iLOAD), uses accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS positioning to provide measurement feedback. The team used LabVIEW to develop an intuitive user interface, establish wireless connectivity to the iLOAD using Bluetooth, and stream measurement data from iLOAD.






Results from the study will be published in international journals. Using this data, researchers can help make this essential means of goods transportation a safer practice for the millions of African women and children who do it every day.


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During NIWeek this year, the LabVIEW Tools Network Awards recognized the top achievements in add-on software and hardware. Five companies received product of the year awards for LabVIEW add-on development in automated test, embedded control and monitoring, data acquisition, LabVIEW innovation, and community (free downloads).

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