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Imagine monitoring the status of a unit under test from home while drinking coffee in the morning, or changing test parameters of a running application while at the airport. The new version of Data Dashboard for LabVIEW on the iPad allows users to do all this and more. By controlling your LabVIEW applications remotely, you’ll save time, energy, and money.





Before now, engineers needed domain experts to create native mobile apps to remotely control and monitor their systems from their iPads. Using the new version of the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW, you can now enjoy these productivity gains without a personal app developer. You can connect to existing LabVIEW applications that use network-published shared variables, LabVIEW web services, or data written to the NI Technical Data Cloud.


Data Dashboard for LabVIEW Highlights:

·  Custom free-form layout instead of the previous version’s grid layout

·  Ability to lock and share dashboards with others via email or the NI Technical Data Cloud

·  Customizable color themes for controls and indicators and ability to choose background image

·  Ability to have multiple dashboards with multiple pages

·  New controls and indicators like the list box, xy graph, switch, slider, and drop down

·  Ability to use secure web services to interface with LabVIEW applications

>> Read all about Data Dashboard’s newest features.

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