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Music makes the world go round. If you need to add a little music to your day, you need this code. Play .WAV files with a simple push-button right on the Arduino board. The setup allows you to define the path of the .WAV file or change it while it’s running.

There’s even a nice library of free samples if you need some help.


>> Download the code to start listening.

There is a new NI Community group centered around expanding the new LabVIEW Interface For Arduino (LIFA). This is a toolkit centered around deploying LabVIEW code to Arduinos. I see this new FREE toolkit becoming very popular because it combines the incredible power of graphical design in LabVIEW with the low cost hardware of Arduino. Check out the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino community group for information on how to download the toolkit, setup procedures for the Arduino hardware, and also great getting started examples.


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