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This fall, the LabVIEW Campus Tour is delivering something unexpected to universities. We’re bringing the latest technologies directly to you —and letting you experience a variety of products for teaching and research without leaving your campus or interrupting your class or lab schedule.


The LabVIEW Campus Tour is an exhibition on wheels, showcasing the latest technologies for embedded, control, and measurement applications. Through lots of interactive demonstrations, this tour is the best way to see how you can use NI's industry-standard tools to accelerate your research as well as deliver complete hands-on teaching solutions for your students to "do engineering."   Students will be inspired by the variety of projects on display that were developed within LabVIEW in a matter of hours, instead of weeks or months.


On the Campus Tour bus, there are demos for everyone:


For Educators

  • Measurements
  • Circuits & Electronics
  • Controls & Mechatronics
  • Communications


For Researchers

  • RF & Microwave Design
  • Structural Testing
  • Power Electronics
  • Active Suspension
  • Wireless Measurements

For Students

  • Robots
  • Design Project Examples

Campus Tour attendees can also
learn which NI products are available at their schools, and most importantly, connect with peers and LabVIEW experts. Visit the Tour bus to start (or jump start) your semester.

>> Find Out When We’ll Be on Your Campus. For updates about the Tour, be sure to visit the LabVIEW U and NIGlobal Facebook pages.