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Make your LabVIEW front panel a beautiful array of graphs. Follow these simple how-to steps to view a display of XY graphs.



>>Download the code here.

If you are still learning about control systems, the control functions showcase is a simple VI that can be a big help. Input a control function, select which data you want to view, and then the front panel will quickly display a graph and data for that particular response. 



>>Download the code here

Flash isn’t the only program that can make animation. LabVIEW can too! By reading and sequencing image data together, LabVIEW can animate your 2D images.

A simple walk cycle of a stick figure shows you a side of modular programming you haven’t seen before.


>>Download the code here.

Converting data into text files just got easier. This VI will convert TDMS files generated by LabVIEW or LabVIEW Signal Express into a text file. The code will return channel names, acquisition start times, time intervals, and waveform data.



>> Download the code and the steps here.

For those of you who leave your PC on day and night, it is time to throw out your old alarm clock. Download this LabVIEW VI to program a full-screen night mode alarm clock that can be displayed right in the center of your computer. It features auto-hide animation and brightness controls that allow you to align the clock to your own schedule. It even has secondary monitor capabilities. Now you no longer have to squint to see that tiny clock in the corner of your screen.




>> Download the code for the alarm clock here.

Looking for new LabVIEW game to keep you occupied? Now you can create a puzzle out of ANY JPEG image in LabVIEW! Just download the VI, upload a picture, and choose your level of difficulty. 


>> Download the VI and have fun!