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Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate, we're going to debunk some LabVIEW myths. Don't be tricked by these common misconceptions.




MYTH: The palettes are the best tool for dropping new objects in your VIs.


There are lots of treats hiding in the LabVIEW palettes, but it can be tough to actually find the things you want. If you want to leave work early to shop for that perfect Halloween costume, use Quick Drop to write your VIs and you'll be done in half the time it would have taken you with the palettes. Just press Ctrl-Space and type the name of the object you want to drop, and click in the VI to drop it. It'll be downright spooky how fast you write your VIs once you start using Quick Drop!


MYTH: Using subVIs always slows down your code.


LabVIEW is very efficient at calling subVIs, and proper use of subVIs can allow LabVIEW to manage memory more effectively. For those times where subVI overhead may be a concern, you can use the "Inline subVI into calling VIs" setting in VI Properties to completely eliminate any overhead associated with calling a VI as a subVI. You can be afraid of ghosts and ghouls, but don't be afraid of subVIs!


FACT: There is a picture of a duck hidden in the Duct image library in the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module.


Enough said.


duck duct.png