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Converting data into text files just got easier. This VI will convert TDMS files generated by LabVIEW or LabVIEW Signal Express into a text file. The code will return channel names, acquisition start times, time intervals, and waveform data.



>> Download the code and the steps here.

If a new application or toolkit requires NI hardware drivers, knowing what to do isn’t always clear. You could install an existing driver, which will slow the process and be unnecessary altogether, or you could not include the driver and receive confusing errors and still be at a loss. Wouldn’t it be nice if your system could check the application for the driver upon startup? We thought so too. 


Use this example code to check the application before installation. If no driver is installed, a simple message for download will appear. If a driver is already installed, it will run the main code without you even knowing. 




>> Save yourself the trouble and download the code here.