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Who doesn’t love a sweet, new app? Community member BROhan has developed code that allows you to build a native iPhone application for simple data monitoring. The iPhone app communicates with a measurement application,which performs your measurement and publishes the latest data value to a variable, and LabVIEW Web Services, whichretrieves the latest data value in the variable and returns it. Your iPhone then periodically calls the web service and plots the latest data value.




Your measurement application constantly runs in parallel with your web service VI. When the web service VI is called by the iPhone app, it reads the value from the shared variable, generates an XML string, writes an HTTP response, and sends the data back to the iPhone. Read more about this exciting project, and download the code below!



>> Download the code here: iPhone Data Monitoring App




Community macaba has a piece of code available on the community that allows you to easily send data from a running VI to a UI mockup of the VI on your iOS device. It uses a special version of the UDP protocol to send data back and forth. The direct applicaitons I see this benefiting is when you want to control a VI remotely and want to use devices that are commonly available (e.g. I want to turn off that valve from my iPhone while I travel) and also for just remote viewing as well (e.g. I just want to see what the temperature if on my applicaiton from anywhere). Go check out macaba's example and see if it could fit into your LabVIEW application!


Control LabVIEW from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch