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In the United States diabetes is on the rise, with 25.8 million Americans known to be diagnosed in 2011. Since there is such a large diabetic population, many medical device companies are developing innovative and more efficient ways to help manage diabetes, especially for our “on-the-go” fast paced society. That’s where NI LabVIEW comes in.


Advanced Instruments Technologies Inc.—a National Instruments Alliance Partner— and Test Systems Pro Inc. used LabVIEW software, the NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit, NI TestStand, and NI PXI RF hardware during RF and production tests of a subcomponent for an FDA Class II medical glucose meter and insulin delivery system. This system uses RF technology to wirelessly communicate the blood glucose readings of the diabetic to an insulin delivery actuator that pumps insulin accordingly. LabVIEW was used to create fast, repeatable tests and streaming RF record and playback, which made integration quick and easy.


With this technology, we are one step closer to finding a cure for diabetes. The ability for a glucose meter to wirelessly communicate to an insulin delivery device opens the door for diabetics to have better control and fewer complications.




>> Check out the full case study to get more technical details for this application.