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Today we introduced eight new relay cards that expand the NI SwitchBlock line of high-density switching solutions for PXI systems. The NI SwitchBlock cards were designed specifically for demanding automated test systems with large numbers of channels to provide an intuitive option for switch configuration, routing, programming and maintenance in a variety of test applications.


The set of new relay cards offers additional simultaneous connections and new differential measurement capabilities to create a custom matrix of relays that meets engineers’ specific requirements. All cards integrate with LabVIEW and NI Switch Executive switch management software to give engineers the ability to graphically configure their switch systems. They also include the new NI Switch Health Center software, which increases long-term system reliability by automatically running onboard diagnostics. NI SwitchBlock includes an expandable carrier that accommodates up to six relay cards while occupying just four slots in a PXI chassis. This gives engineers the ability to combine up to four NI SwitchBlock carriers to create internally routed matrices with as many as 8,832 crosspoints with a single PXI chassis.


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