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Red Bull is sponsoring the Red Bull Stratos project that will take world famous base-jumper and pilot, Felix Baumgartner, 120,000 feet above earth to make the longest stratospheric free-fall jump known to man. The mission is to gather data while setting history, and for Felix to be the first human to break the speed of sound with his body.



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To keep Felix safe, and make sure that he is prepared, the Red Bull Stratos team uses LabVIEW to control and monitor everything from altitude, air pressure, temperature and more. In a preliminary training scenario recorded and published in the video below, screenshots of LabVIEW are shown measuring and monitoring the capsule and air pressure around it.







This preliminary training scenario takes Felix into a pressure chamber that simulates the conditions of the jump and atmosphere. This prepares Felix and his body for the cold, vacuum like conditions of falling through the real atmosphere. When it comes to Red Bull Stratos and LabVIEW, it isn’t just about making history, it’s about protecting Felix’s life too.



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