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We’re excited to announce the launch of three NI Service Programs intended to help you design, develop, and maintain high-quality measurement and control systems. By enrolling in one of these programs, you’ll experience benefits that span across software, hardware, and system services.




Key Benefits:

  • Decrease your learning curve by 66 percent and develop 50 percent faster by completing training available through the software service programs.
  • Reduce time to first measurement by up to eight man-hours with system assembly, test and software installation available with a service program for PXI, cRIO, or cDAQ systems.
  • Save 10 days of downtime by leveraging advanced replacement available through the Premium Service Program for Hardware or Systems.


>> Learn more about the NI Service Programs.

National Instruments recently hosted the second annual CLA Summit at the corporate headquarters in Austin, TX.  The Summit saw 38% growth in attendance from last year with 50 attendees.  This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about LabVIEW, network with peers, and meet NI engineers and executives.  Read more about the event as described by one attendee, posted at ear/