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To better quantify the value of training, NI surveyed 659 customers from 11 countries who recently completed NI training course(s). We asked survey respondents to estimate the impact of the NI training courses they attended on the following:

Learning speed – How much more or less time it would have taken to reach their current skill levels with the software if they had not taken NI training. NI training courses typically range from a half day to three days per course.

Development speed – How much improvement in development speed resulted from taking NI training course(s). In addition to helping attendees become familiar with the software environment, NI training courses teach the most effective and efficient methods for developing applications. Instructors also demonstrate additional time-saving tips and tricks as part of the courses.

Maintenance time – How much more or less time maintenance or modifications to existing applications had taken or would take as a result of skills learned in NI training course(s). NI training courses not only focus on development techniques but also introduce attendees to useful debugging tools, best practices for documenting code for readability, and techniques for creating modular applications that they can easily modify and reuse.

In addition, we applied the results from the survey to a sample project to evaluate the data in terms of dollar savings or return on investment.


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