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The VI Analyzer allows you to programmatically inspect your LabVIEW code for issues related to performance and style:




One of the best ways to learn about all the VI Analyzer has to offer is to join the VI Analyzer Enthusiasts group on In addition to discussions about potential feature ideas, there are also over 30 custom tests that have been written by the VI Analyzer Enthusiasts community. Note that these custom tests do not require a purchase of the VI Analyzer Toolkit. They can be used with any LabVIEW installation.


But if you do install the VI Analyzer Toolkit, you will have over 80 tests at your disposal for programmatic code analysis. There are tests that will identify sloppy wiring configurations and tests that will identify performance problems related to handling large arrays. The Hidden Objects in Structures test will find objects you can't even see, and the Wires Under Objects test will find terminals that you forgot to wire. There is even a Spell Check test!


So if you're a long-time VI Analyzer user, or if you're just now hearing about it for the first time, join the VI Analyzer Enthusiasts group on to start learning how to use this code analysis tool to improve your LabVIEW development.